Grieving is loving

The dictionary says grief is the mental suffering or distress over a loss; sharp sorrow or painful regret. But the experience taught me that grief is love, another form of love. It is the love that is being unable to be expressed. When we lose someone, we suffer due to the love that we have and being not able to give it to the person whom is lost.

Grieve can be louder or in silence, that doesn’t make a difference. Some choose to express the pain of being unable to love the way it was earlier and mourn louder. Yet, many of us choose to live with an enormously growing love that’s stuck in the bottleneck, but the lid is tightly closed.

I have heard people say that “you will never understand love until you fall in love” or parents say “you will realise the day you become a parent”. Grief is the same. We never know until we face it and realise it’s not a process of 5 or 7 phases but sometimes it become the life that is left. It is not a process to complete and get certified. Not a process of 6 months to 1 year. Grief is the bonded with the rest of the life. Where some of us good at handling it or hiding it, but I realised I’m not good at either of it. Grieving has changed me in many ways, which I still cannot list out or figure out all of them.

Every one of us will face it in our lifetime in many different ways. Sometimes it plays a ruthless game in our lives when we have overflowing love that keep enlarging and required to be immensely expressed.

More we love larger the grief and more we keep grieving the larger the increase of love. I choose to grieve enormously and thus I choose to love more and more.


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