Head straight survival with toxic co-workers around

Dealing-With-Toxic-PeopleTITLE1We come across many people in our lives, who tend to shoot-up our stress level by being rude, bully, mean, jealous, and annoying. It’s nearly impossible to avoid many of them as they are mostly next to our table, share the lunchroom and many more almost on daily basis. They do threaten our work and peace of the mind. Sometime they come in the form of a friend, whom we had been thinking as a great friend for life. But they  turned to be back-biting little minded humans works behind us for all possible wrong outcomes.

We can never escape these type of people from day to day life. Their actions, motives and intensions would always have a negative impact in our work lives.

What can we do to regain our peace of mind and to perform our best at work over their negative impact? There are many tricks. Here follows few.

01. Keep your head high up

Have belief in your own personal power. No one could ever put yourself down without your consent. Do not let them to drive over by the spine of you. Keep your headspace for yourself and for your loved once, do not rent out for those toxic humans who are going to drain you and your energy away. It might be a harder decision to follow due to the worries, but pull yourself together and get out of the emotional stress that being through the thought of what could be the next in line action of those toxic individual we are trying to overcome. They are gonna do whatever in their head and wanted. Get out of the anticipated thought and the fear of their future actions. Get into the reality and move ahead with your work. Take your personal power back, adjust your crown and walk straight ahead with you style.

02. Know that it is only business, but not personnel

Co-survival with these kind of people is only in the office. Always have many circles around you. Co-workers should be in one of the outer circles. The inner circle should be for the family and friends – thats personnel. People who are in the personnel circle are allowed to get into the heart, but not the ones placed in the outer circles.

03. Know your roots

Never forget where do you belong. We never belong in our workplace. It is not the home, so forget about those toxic people. Put them out of your head. Always tell your mind that your soul never belongs there, so the mind knows there is nothing to worry about.

03. Avoid negative bonding

Toxic individuals make you feel little by being much negative. They try to bring negative energy to your life. Never let them do that. Do not bond with them to bring up negative results. Instead spread your positive energy. Keep smiling and be your best always. It will repel the negative and toxic people away from you.

04. Find out what is really bothering you

Know yourself better. Know what is bothering you of the toxic people. Is it the bullying they make? or the negative comments on your work? negative comments on appearance and attire. Avoid them and their comments. Always run far away from all what bothers you.

Do not make the same mistake as those toxic people do to your life. Never learn to become another toxic human being and harm others. You might also learn to be toxic to your loved once.

05. Let them use the dance floor

May the toxic people all they can and want, even though every one of them is gonna hurt you emotionally. Do not worry about what they do, if not that worry is an additional pains in the head. So  avoid the pain you can accumulate due to the worry of what do they are up to.

05. Never get too close/ Distance yourself

Always be in a safer distance with the toxic people. May be a smile and Good morning for a day would do when you have nothing official. But remember when you have official business to do keep it all clean and neat. Do not let you emotional stress to show on the work. Never let your work shine any less due to any of these toxic people.

06. When in doubt, check it out

Doubts are different kinds of slow poisons. Never let a doubt grow in the mind and stress you up. Always remember that stress leads to mental and physical illness. Therefore, it is always better to clarify the doubts that ponder in the mind regarding anything related to whats happening between you and the toxic people. Go ahead and directly ask from the person who is bothering you.

07. Exit the stage at right time

You can tolerate and avoid the problems, but until to an extend. All the hacks above explain and guild to handle and tolerate. There is also a time that things becomes “enough is enough”. Recognise this at the right time, never early or late. Its time to leave the stage and from the play. Never leave early (which may make you loose) nor later than the right time (which may would have already made damage to you more than you could handle).

The experience may teach you to find your own way to tackle them and make your life much better. Find your own way and dance on your stage with free spirit.

Good luck guys and fill your self with positive energy!


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