PhD: Choices for success

PhD is not just a degree, do not do it for the sake of a degree. It should be the passion and dream that will make you a phenix, even to rise from ashes. Thats PhD, the highest form of passion driven life.

Success of PhD depends on many factors or at least made easy by many factors.

01. Wise choice of supervisor

Supervisor is not only gong to guild you in your research, but many more. As this is journey is going to craft your future and probably many other’s in future, the supervisor under whom you are being guided is a great deal. so choose your supervisor wisely. Look at their research interest, publication list and most specially talk to their previous senior students. They could help you a lot. Also if you happen to be in the same university or around the vicinity, observe their current research students from how happy or stressed they are to how is their work is.

02. Choose your topic with passion

Do not choose the research title just because a fund is available and you came across the vacancy announcement for a PhD student. Choose it because it is your passion and thats what you wanted. This would make you to do it with grace and trust me you will not have high thoughts of dropping in between.

03. Love what you do

Show your love to the research you are working on. Focus on the small successes you have everyday in your work in the lab. Write a gratitude list. Loving your research endlessly helps you in hard times, specially when your work is not going in the you wanted it be.

04. Develop more on what you enjoy

Every one enjoy certain parts of our PhD more. Do you like analysing the data with statistical softwares? do it more and more, you will bring out many new theories and hypothesises. Do you love writing? keep writing as many as you can… manuscripts, abstracts and communications. Do you like to speak to a group of people? keep presenting your work in conferences as much as you can. You will succeed grandly.

05. Do NOT work for the degree or for a job

If your main goal is the degree or the certificate or a job, the PhD is not for you. PhD is for research, for finding out answers for your passionate questions. Do not stop until you get the answer.

Good luck to you all researchers!




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