Depression in Ph.D. students

There are studies that reporting one in three Ph.D. students either have developed or at the risk of developing one of the common psychiatric disorder depression. Researchers of 32% has showed at least one out of four symptoms of depression. Another recent study showed that 10% of the students had suicidal thoughts within past 30 days of study. Use of alcohol or substances and smoking were associated with the suicidal ideation. Recently there are literature that stating the depression faced by graduate school students. While many of us feel the blues during the Ph.D., some students face deeper than the … Continue reading Depression in Ph.D. students

Top seven tips to a successful thesis defence

A big shout-out for your success in completing the research and on submission of the dissertation for the examination. Congratulations! Now you are in the most important and anxious phase, getting ready to defend your thesis. Most stressful component of your PhD journey. You can make this day as your one of the most successful days of life when you finish your defence and at the end when your examiners congratulate you saying “we will be recommending your degree in the University”. Here are seven ways to handle it successfully! 01. Avoid underestimating the time to spend on slides preparation … Continue reading Top seven tips to a successful thesis defence

Handing Lab Rats – best secrets for success

The expert principal investigator with added number of years in the experience column trains one or may be two students how to perform a tail bleed or an intra-peritoneal injections in a rat or 2, with the practice that used a decade before at least and the students are left on their own for the rest of the experiments. They are also responsible for teaching the junior students, the rats receive different doses of the drug and also the animals show to be stressed or injured. The cells you extract or the compounds produced by the rats are not exactly … Continue reading Handing Lab Rats – best secrets for success

PhD: Choices for success

PhD is not just a degree, do not do it for the sake of a degree. It should be the passion and dream that will make you a phenix, even to rise from ashes. Thats PhD, the highest form of passion driven life. Success of PhD depends on many factors or at least made easy by many factors. 01. Wise choice of supervisor Supervisor is not only gong to guild you in your research, but many more. As this is journey is going to craft your future and probably many other’s in future, the supervisor under whom you are being … Continue reading PhD: Choices for success

Head straight survival with toxic co-workers around

We come across many people in our lives, who tend to shoot-up our stress level by being rude, bully, mean, jealous, and annoying. It’s nearly impossible to avoid many of them as they are mostly next to our table, share the lunchroom and many more almost on daily basis. They do threaten our work and peace of the mind. Sometime they come in the form of a friend, whom we had been thinking as a great friend for life. But they  turned to be back-biting little minded humans works behind us for all possible wrong outcomes. We can never escape … Continue reading Head straight survival with toxic co-workers around

PhD and presentations, does it it make you anxious?

As a PhD researcher, you may need to do as many as large number of presentations that at one point you even lose the count. As time pass on and many presentations are done, the skills are developed by most of the students. But still some students struggle to develop them or to master them. Communication is much required skill to develop in academia. Below are few ideas that would help you to master it and own the skills proudly. . 01. Keep it simple – Do not scatter the slide with sentences. Avoid having all the required points in … Continue reading PhD and presentations, does it it make you anxious?

Developing active and fast reading skills

Studying requires loads of reading, specially PhD. It requires reading, lot, a lot almost on daily basis for more than four years. Developing the skills of active and fast reading will help enormously. Try the following steps. First read for developing these skills and then apply them in every article you read. 01. Highlight the key words and phrases as you read. may be you can use different colour highlights (colour code the points). This would help you when you return back to the article or text book. Be selective – do not highlight the whole paragraph. 02. Visualise the … Continue reading Developing active and fast reading skills

Live your life while you are in your PhD

PhD is time consuming and demanding almost 100% of the time and energy you have or should I say ” you are left out with”. Endless assays to be done at the laboratory, errors and errors after a successful assay, then the cycle goes on and on. Number of discussion with the supervisor where your talk is on the current topic, what was the last talk… discussions and re-discussions. Progress reports to the “Research and higher degree committee, funding agencies and ethics. Conferences, abstracts, presentations, posters and manuscripts and the list goes on. Reading, entering and analysing data and many … Continue reading Live your life while you are in your PhD

Top 15 advice for PhD students

Planning on starting a PhD research? or already doing one? Then there are few thing you would like know. The PhD Journey is longer than you expect. Life of a PhD student is much different. It requires some support. Below are some facts I learnt through my journey of PhD. 01. Publish your work in peer review journals Always target on publishing your data in peer review journals. This purpose would teach you many lessons. Data for publishing should be very much valuable and also should be useful to the scientific community and to the world in general. This would … Continue reading Top 15 advice for PhD students

Grieving is loving

The dictionary says grief is the mental suffering or distress over a loss; sharp sorrow or painful regret. But the experience taught me that grief is love, another form of love. It is the love that is being unable to be expressed. When we lose someone, we suffer due to the love that we have and being not able to give it to the person whom is lost. Grieve can be louder or in silence, that doesn’t make a difference. Some choose to express the pain of being unable to love the way it was earlier and mourn louder. Yet, … Continue reading Grieving is loving